Who We Are

Sacha & Jmayel El-haj, a UK couple together since childhood, set off across the world on a quest to find contentment through creativity. After building a location independent lifestyle through YouTube, they now live as expats and are about to embark on one of lifes most challenging adventures. Parenthood

About Sacha

Sacha had an interest in Photography and Travel from an early age and spent most of her youth reading Wanderlust magazine and dreaming about the world.

She began a career in photography as a micro stock contributor and later joined forces with J to cater for weddings and cinematic wedding Videography.

Later she and J moved to Thailand and began a YouTube career making videos about life. That is where 'these tiny moments' was formed.

Name: Sacha El-haj

Age: 32

Nationality: British

Job: YouTube Vlogger

Interests: Photography, Crafts, Dogs, Health & Fitness, Nutrition, Travel, Cooking, Baking, Instagramming, Hiking and Shell Hunting

About Jmayel

Jmayel is a video editor from London.

He worked as a Graphic Designer and has a passion for cinematography.

He grew up around old cars and loves tinkering around with vehicles and fixing things.

Jmayel caught the Travel Bug from Sacha when she decided she wanted to embark on a Round the World trip in 2005. When he returned a normal life didn’t satisfy the relentless need for more adventure and they set about finding a way to travel on a more permanent basis.

In April 2012 that dream became reality when they set off on the first leg of their adventure to Thailand and began the Cinematic Video Diary known as 8 Miles from Home.


Name: Jmayel El-haj

Age: 32

Nationality: British

Job: Video Editor

Interests: Photography, Cinematography, Motorbikes, Drones, Dogs, Cars, Health & Fitness, Nutrition, Travel,

About Eden

Eden is a pure breed working type Cocker Spaniel.

She worked on a farm near Dover as a gun dog collecting pheasants. But she hates loud noises and the gunfire sent her running so she was relegated to the farm house to have puppies instead.

At the age of 5, Sacha & Jmayel bought her and took her back to their home where she became a big part of the family.

She owns a purple and white spotty bone which has traveled to Asia with her.

Name: Eden El-haj

Age: 11

Breed: English Cocker Spaniel

Job: Retired Farm Girl

Interests: Soft Toys, Cool Mountain Walks, Sleeping In Human Beds, Digging, Long Car Journies, General Human Contact.

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We can't think of a better way to document the tiny moments in our life than moving pictures. Cinematography has been a passion of ours for over 5 years, so our family video diary was naturally going to become one with that.



A celebration of the tiny moments in life that pass us by. These Tiny Moments are everywhere and this family video & photo diary was made to remember ours. From Pregnancy to the Birth of our first child and beyond.

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